I Kissed A Boy

I kissed a boy. It was nothing like I thought it’d be. Lots of teeth, awkwardness and curiosity. At least, I didn’t bite him by accident.  Picture Courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/picture_bad/ Life is strange in itself. One day, you’re want to be a famous chef till you realise that can’t stand slaughtering a chicken. Plus, you hate … Continue reading I Kissed A Boy

The Thirst Is Real

It all started with a whisper in the wind. Birds of a feather flock together. Your friends aren't crazed nymphomaniacs. A little crazy but they'll never end up in a straitjacket except for Ken. Always be careful with the quiet ones. A seismic shift happened within your core and you weren’t the same. It helped … Continue reading The Thirst Is Real